Why Apartments Are Popular in District 13, Budapest?


Although prices have grown higher which can be highly yield sensitive, however, investing into residential properties is still an attractive alternative for investors. Districts 13 is especially preferred by many of them.

Home rentals at 5.2 % yield

According to the calculation of Portfolio district 13 is a very popular district in Budapest that is often chosen by tenants.  With long-term home rentals one can make a 5.2 % yield. Properties in the district can be rented out very well in the future as well, since several offices have been built and will be built, which can increase rental demand. The district is also an obvious solution for students who can’t find rentals in downtown of Budapest.

Attracting long-term tenants

Downtown property market has gone through an enormous price growth since 2014, so those who can’ afford downtown prices have started to look for other places.  The district is also loved by investors; it is popular among investors buying homes for long-term rentals.  However, it also has many positive characteristics, which is why it is so much in favor. Due to the proximity of the Váci Road Office Corridor young employees are fond of renting or plan to purchase an apartment here. Students prefer it because of the good location as downtown can be easily reached by public transport. Apart from the above-mentioned two groups, people working somewhere else also like living here since other parts of the capital are not difficult to reach either.

Investors keep on loving it

District 13 can be in favor of rental market investors in the future, because apartments there can be rented out well. More office developments are about to be carried out over the next year on Váci Road, which can raise demand, as well as students will also remain as potential tenants. As a result of the ever-growing prices and spreading of the Airbnb rentals, the latter is likely to be gradually marginalized from the downtown rental market; hence, district 13 can provide a neat solution for them.


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