What Size Apartments are Being Built in Budapest?


The average size of apartments in Budapest is 64 square meters, but there are huge differences in price and size between the districts. Based on the Budapest Housing Market Report, Portfolio compiled a list of the largest and smallest properties in the capital.

Homebuyers expectation has changed significantly over time. The most striking example is the location of the kitchen. While the kitchen used to be a separate room, it now typically combined with the living room. The main reason for this is space-saving, which gives the chance to build one more room. Beyond the distribution, the size of the flat is also an important consideration.

The largest apartments built by developers are in District 2, where the average home size is 122 square meters, which is twice as big as the Budapest average. In District 12 these are also over 100 square meters, and in District 16 the average is 90 square meters.

In contrast, in District 7, the average apartment size is only 48 square meters, making it the bottom of the list. District 8 has an average of 51 and one of the projects under construction here has the smallest size: only 22 square meters. The largest under construction is an apartment in District 13, with a calculated floor area of ​​351 square meters, which contains a huge terrace.

Flats over 200 square meters are very rare in Budapest. Almost half of the flats belong to the 40-60 square meter category, 5 per cent belongs to the 100 square meter category, which is one in every twenty.



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