​Where to Buy an Apartment to Rent it Out for More Money


After the students got to know how many points they needed to get in the chosen college or university, those who managed to get in start looking for an apartment to rent, so there won’t be almost any apartments without a tenant soon.

The future college and university students got to know about how many points they needed to get in to the chosen school on the 24th June. Those who managed to get in, and their school is located far from their home, will start looking for an apartment soon. According to the expectations almost none of the apartments in the university cities will stay without a tenant.

There’s a Huge Difference in Rental Fees

There is a huge difference in rental fees: the most expensive apartments to rent are in Budapest, near the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The less expensive apartments are in Gödöllő: here a 30-sqaure-meter apartment costs only around HUF 30 thousand a month.

Besides Rent Utilities Are also Important

According to the data of real estate agency Duna House students prefer to find a roommate and rent a smaller apartment, but some of them rent a larger one, where they live with 2-3 other students to make rent lower. Besides rent it’s also important how high utilities and common costs are and what they include. The apartment owners usually ask for a 1-3 months’ rent in advance.

It Must Be Discussed Who Is Responsible for Fixing Things in the Apartment

Before renting the apartment the two parties have to discuss who will be responsible for fixing broken equipment. To avoid possible disagreements it’s worth to make a list of the pieces of furniture and other expensive equipment in the apartment and also check their current condition. If the two parties sign a determined-length contract, the way of denouncing the contract must be discussed and also how much notice they have to give. If the tenant wants to stay in the apartment for a long time, the two parties can agree about an enlongment option.


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