​​One-Fifth of the Hungarians Would Redo Their Homes


One-fifth of the Hungarians would like to do smaller renovations in a year, and their long-term plans include the renewal of the insulation, the roof and the ducting. They are willing to pay up to HUF 1 million on the works.

According to the results of the study made by roofing components manufacturer Lindab 20 percent of the Hungarians are planning to do minor reconstructions in the next one-year period. Last year 29 percent of the respondents said they would redo their homes, but 68 percent of them haven’t started it yet. In the last 12 months most of them did bathroom and kitchen reconstructions, repainted the house, or got the insulation or the roof modernized.

Those Living in the Country Are More Open to Redo

Those living in the country are more open to do reconstructions: in the last one-year period 27 percent of those living in cities excluding Budapest, 26 percent of those living in small villages and only 17 percent of those living in the capital did a reconstruction. Reconstructions are still more popular than building a new house: only 6 percent of the respondents said they were expecting to move to a newly built house in 5 years. 55 percent of the future redoers would cover the expenses by using their own financial sources, and they are not planning on getting a loan. The respondents have bigger plans for the far future: 29 percent of them would modernize the insulation of their house and 21 percent would renew the roof and the ducting.

Respondents Are Willing to Spend up to HUF 1 Million on Renovation

Almost half of the respondents, 48 percent are planning to spend more than HUF 300 thousand on reconstructions, and 17 percent of them would even spend HUF 1 million. 56 percent of the village properties and 42 percent of the Budapest ones have quite old roofs, which need to be renewed; the roof structure of more than 50 percent of the residential buildings is more than 20 years old. 73 percent of the people would renew the roof using clay tiles (which are the most popular), and 63 percent would try the more modern steel ones. And regarding to the color of the roof: most of the respondents would choose red tiles, but 25 percent like terracotta ones and 22 percent brown ones as well. When choosing roofing materials Hungarians pay the most attention to durability; price is only the second most important factor.


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