​Summer Houses at Lake Balaton Are High in Demand


Besides having an own apartment having a summer house at Lake Balaton is the thing most Hungarians dream about. As summer gets closer, summer houses become higher in demand. We can find the most expensive ones at Siófok, Fonyód and Balatonfüred, and the least expensive ones in Marcali and Tapolca.

Most of those who would like to buy a summer house at Lake Balaton are looking for a newly-built apartment. Though since the beginning of the economic crisis less and less apartments have been built, construction industry is still alive in cities where automotive industry offers a lot of jobs and at the popular vacation destinations. According to the data of Otthontérkép (Home Map) we can find the most expensive properties in Siófok, Fonyód, Balatonfüred and Balatonlelle, and the least expensive ones in Marcali, Tapolca and Balatonalmádi. Hévíz and its environment are popular mostly among Russian investors.

The Most Houses Are Built in Siófok

We can find the most newly-built summer houses in Siófok. A 72-square-meter apartment in a residential park with playground, barbecue and resting area cost around HUF 25 million. The ready-to-move-in apartments offer a great view to the Balaton. We can also buy an apartment located just next to the lake: a 95-square-meter apartment with 4 rooms cost HUF 51.1 million. The most expensive apartments are those of Galérius Apartment House: a one-room property costs HUF 20.9 million.

An Apartment with Jacuzzi Costs HUF 22.2 Million in Zamárdi

A newly-built house will be available for the future residents by the end of June in Zamárdi, offering apartments with a terrace, a balcony and a Jacuzzi: a 46-square-meter apartment with one room costs HUF 22.2 million here. In Balatonfüred, the most popular city of the northern bank a 73 square-meter apartment with a terrace on the ground floor of a newly-built house costs HUF 25.4 million. Balatonalmádi is one of the cheapest cities: in Diós Residential Park located a few 100 meters from the lake, which is still under construction, a 52-square-meter apartment on the 1st floor with one room and a terrace costs HUF 18.9 million.


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