„I’m going to rent out my apartment for short term” - 3 fictions about holiday lets in Budapest.


​Many think buying a property in Budapest and start a holiday let business works in any case.We collected some of the popular misbeliefs we frequently hear.

1. “I can reach better yield with short term rentals”

If you decide to go with short term rentals you have to count with seasonality. There are some dead periods during the year so your income might be periodical. When the property is empty you still have to pay the common cost and the utility basic charges without income. In contrast to the long term rentals where during the lease term the tenant pays these on top of the rent, here you have to calculate all expenses into the daily price. The risk is higher to have an empty property which produces more outstanding bills.

Secondly the location is a key question. It is not enough to have a property “in Budapest”.Tourists prefer central location, popular parts of the downtown area. If you choose a bad location you can quickly have an apartment which is booked only occasionally.

Finally there are other ongoing costs you need to count with. Such as ongoing cleaning, changing and washing of bed linen, etc.

2. “I only need somebody who gives the keys to the guests”
… and answer their specific questions… and arrange a repair man if there is any problem… and satisfy the special needs of the guest (baby cot, extra bed)… and clean the property… and wash and change sheets and bed linen… etc

You might planned that your relative or friend in Budapest will do it as a favor.Sometime it works but please consider that the guests should be always satisfied.The number one source of holiday rentals enquiries is or other similar sites.If you get negative comments from unsatisfied customers your online reputation will be worse and people will decide to book another apartment which can kill your business after all.

3. “I heard that lot of companies run holiday lets business in Budapest”

Yes, but most of these companies have a different business model than property owners imagine it.Many property owner thinks that he will find an agency who arranges everything and the owner receives the dream income.Holiday rentals companies rent the apartments from property owners for long term and sublet it.It means that from the property owners side it is a normal long term rental deal only.

Furthermore these companies prefer newly built apartments with central location. They are renting more within the same building so it works like an apartment hotel.

Holiday let companies are good tenants since they rent properties even for years, pay competitive rent and all utility charges.On top of it they take care of the apartment since it is their product. It is their best interest to keep it in a good condition each day.

If you live in Budapest you can arrange it for yourself as a side business but if you are far from Hungary please consider the long term rentals option too.The Budapest rental market is really busy. This time the city will be crowded with hundreds who are looking for a good apartment for the next year. Properties can be rented out quickly and for a good rent.

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