​Get ready for the high season – 3 tips for Landlords


The summer months and September are the busiest season on the rentals market.

This is the very time to find a good tenant. You have to make sure your product is attractive enough on the market.We collected 3 points which can help you to get your apartment prepared.

1. Attractive furniture

You might bought the property with used furniture and you think the condition is acceptable.However, if your potential tenants  find another similar type of apartment with nicer furniture they will go for that.It is not necessary to buy expensive design furniture but consider to invest into some youthful, more modern items.

2. Decoration

Empty walls give a cold atmosphere to an apartment.Buy some IKEA pictures, place some vases or decoration bowls and put them on the empty shelves and onto the coffee table. Make a good first impression!

3. Professional photos

Imagine that your apartment will be only one from hundred others in the list of a real estate website.People will click on the one which catches their eyes. It is worthy to use a professional photograph who can take attractive photos.

Watch our previous video for other useful tips. 

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