​Focus on FX Loans – The New FX Loan Law


In July the Hungarian Government accepted the new FX loan law. What can you expect?

More property owners are enquiring about the recent legislation on issue of the Forex loan debtors. We collected some main elements of the law.

The law voids the practices of using different exchange rates for disbursement and repayment of foreign currency-denominated loans and of making unilateral changes to all retail loans unless lenders successfully defend such changes in court – wrote the Budapest Business Journal.

1. Who are affected?

2. How will this affect you?
  • If you have a closed mortgage you can get back money
  • If you are still paying back the loan your capital debt and the monthly installments can be lower

3. How can you use this option?

You have to wait. Hopefully in September the Government will lay down the rules how to refund debtors affected by this new regulation.
Theoretically property owners who sold their properties could get some money back as well however there are still more open questions.

Source:, Budapest Business Journal

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