​Budapest is the 10th Best Place for a One-Night Trip


Budapest got an honorable place on a tourism related list again. This time American travel site TripAdvisor searched for cities where it’s the most worth to spend a night. Amongst the 48 listed countries Hungary got the 10th place.

American travel site TripAdvisor examined the 48 most popular travel destinations to determine where it is the cheapest to spend a night. They used a cost comparing analysis called TripIndex Cities to know how much the services needed for a great night-out cost, such as accommodation, taxi, dinner and cocktails. According to the calculations London is the most expensive city: one night there costs HUF 119 thousand. Paris, New York, Stockholm, Oslo, Zurich, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Toronto and Sydney are also expensive destinations.

A One-Night Trip to Budapest Costs HUF 46 Thousand

Budapest got the 10th place on the list of the least expensive cities; the first 9 are Hanoi (Vietnam), Jakarta (Indonesia), Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt), Bangkok (Thailand), Sofia (Bulgaria), Cape Town (South Africa), Mumbai (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Prague (Czech Republic). According to the calculations of TripAdvisor a night in Budapest costs HUF 45700: a room in a 4-star hotel is HUF 25 thousand, a dinner for 2 with vine is HUF 12 thousand, 2 cocktails are HUF 5.7 thousand and 2 cab rides are HUF 3 thousand.

Huge Differences between Taxi and Dinner Prices

The travel website also examined how big the differences are between the prices of the cities. The biggest differences can be find examining cab fares: for USD 61 (HUF 13.8 thousand) we can travel 6 kilometers in Oslo and 122 in Jakarta. Dinner prices are also diverse: a dinner for 2 with vine costs the same as appetizer for one in Stockholm. If we want to have a cocktail, in Cancún (Mexico) we get 2 for HUF 850, but in Paris we only get some olives for that money.


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