​Budapest Has the Best Price/Value Rate


After 2013 Budapest became the city with the best price/value rate in 2014 again according to the ranking of travel site TripAdvisor published at the end of May. The Hungarian capital was ranked 1st by 54 thousand visitors in one of the 16 categories, overtaking Lisbon and Hanoi.

Budapest got the 1st place in 2014 again in the category of the cities with the best price/value rate according to the US-based travel site TripAdvisor. The world’s largest travel site published the results of its survey taken by 54 visitors on the 27th May.

Budapest Was the Winner Last Year, Too
The site organized the contest for the 2nd time this year – last year Budapest got the 1st place in the mentioned category, too – ranking the world’s travel destinations by 16 categories. This year the capital of Portugal, Lisbon got the 2nd place and the Vietnamese Hanoi got the 3rd in the category of the best value for money. Ranking the best travel destinations of the world TripAdvisor created 16 categories, including cleanest streets, best overall experience, helpful locals, best public transport and best taxi services.

Tokyo Got 5 First Places
The capital of Japan, Tokyo got into the top 10 in 13 categories, and got the 1st place in the 5 categories mentioned above. Rome, New York City and Dubai got 2-2 1st places. Rome became the best in the category of culture and attractions, New York in the category of restaurants and nightlife, and Dubai in the category of hotels and shopping. According to the list Dubrovnik has the friendliest taxi drivers, Vienna got the 1st place in the category of the ease of getting around, we can get the highest comfort travelling alone in Singapore, and Stockholm was mentioned as the most family-friendly city.


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