​Bicycle Sharing System BuBi Is to Be Launched in May


Bicycle Sharing System MOL BuBi is to be launched in May. After the test months in March and April when the locals could try the system, the service is planned to be started at the beginning of May. Using the system anyone can rent a bike for a half an hour from one of the 76 docking stations.

The launch of bicycle sharing system BuBi was to be in April, but according to the new plans the system starts at the beginning of May. In March and April the BKK Centre for Budapest Transport and the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club organized tests weekends, so the locals could try the system. 

More than 1 Thousand Bikes and 76 Docking Stations

MOL BuBi in a new way of transportation in the capital: using the service anyone can rent a bike from the 1100 pieces for a half an hour from one of the 76 docking stations, and leave it at another station. There are docking station e. g. near Keleti Railway Station, at Heroes’ Square, on Margaret Island, at Andrássy út, Szent István körút and Szabadság tér. The service can be used 24 hours a day, purchasing a year or a half-year pass or a 1-day, a 3-day or a 7-day ticket. Using the system requires a personal registration and paying a one-time fee, but those who would like to rent a bike can also register and pay with their credit cards on site – in this case a deposit has also to be paid. According to the above conditions it’s free to use the rented bike for 30 minutes; but exceeding this time the user has to pay further fees. In case of any problems the users of the system can call the dispatcher service 24 hours a day.

History of MOL BuBi

The self-government of Budapest decided to launch the bicycle sharing system in 2008. Contractor Parking Ltd. created a contest for finding a name for the system: from the 5 finalist internet users could choose the best one. In the winning name BuBi “Bu” stands for Budapest and “Bi” for bicycle. The manufacturing of the bikes started in 2013. The bicycles have a unitary look, they are durable, and in order to avoid the thefts their components can’t be used for other types of bicycles. Using the website of MOL BuBi or its smart phone application users will be able to get real-time information about the number of available bikes at the docking stations.


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