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Property market seems to be waking up: more and more apartments are sold as a new home and as an investment as well. The most popular areas are the districts of the capital and the holiday resort areas in the country; apartments in the Budapest metropolitan are less in demand than a few years ago.

The 6th and the 7th Districts Are the Most Popular
According to 2013 sales data of real estate agency Duna House the first place on the top 45 list is occupied by the 6th district. In 2012 this place belonged to Hévíz, and in 2008 to Zamárdi. The 6th district had the 7th position in 2012. The 7th district is the 2nd most popular: it replaced former runner-up Sopron. The district only had the 5th place one year before.

In the Country Sopron Apartments Are Most in Demand
The 3rd one on the list is Sopron, the 4th one is the 5th district and the 5th one is Hévíz. The 14th district has the 6th place: it has become a lot more popular recently, since in 2012 it only had the 14th place. The 7th-10th places belong to several cities in the country: to Mosonmagyaróvár, Siófok, Zamárdi and Balatonlelle. The 13th district is the 11th: it became less popular, since in 2012 it was the 6th on the list. The 1st district also became less popular: it used to be 18th on the list, but now it only owns the 25th place. Apartments in the 2nd district are less in demand as well: the district fell from the 23rd place to the 33rd in 2013.

Apartments on the Western Side Are More Popular
Beside the capital, the summer resort areas and the Budapest metropolitan area only some cities of Győr-Moson-Sopron county could get into the top 15; thus the apartments at the western side of the country are more in demand than others. Beside others Debrecen, Szeged, Kecskemét and Eger are also in the top 45.


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