​Apartments can Be Built on the Property of Rába Factory


Apartments are planned to be built on the 43-ha industrial area of Rába Automotive Holding Plc. in Győr. The preparation for the HUF 150-billion investment can begin next year; currently the costs of land arrangement are being calculated.

 According to the plans of Rába Automotive Holding Plc. a residential area will be built on the 43-ha industrial area of the factory in Győr. The preparation for the investment can be started in 2015, if the factory manages to get the costs of the rearrangement of the land located near the city center of Győr covered by money won on tenders. According to Rába CEO István Pintér in case it doesn’t happen the work can be postponed, since the company wouldn’t like to withdraw sources from their main activities. Currently the costs of the land arrangement are being calculated; the work is expected to cost several HUF 100 million. The leadership of the factory and the city announced in 2011 they were planning to build an urban residential area on the land. Since then they have been waiting for an investor who would buy the property, and use it for some development. The area located near Highway No. 1. and Moson Danube has an appropriate infrastructure, but it has to be renewed; but almost no wrecking is needed.

History of the Rába Factory

The Rába Automotive Holding Plc. (originally: Railway Carriage and Machine Works) is one of the biggest automotive factories in Hungary, which manufactures components for agricultural and earthwork machinery and trucks. They have no less than 2000 employees countrywide, and export their products to the USA and to several countries of the EU; 60 percent of their income comes from export. The factory was founded in 1896. In 1963 they started to produce diesel engines, in 1969 16-ton Rába trucks, and in 1973 they made their 10 thousandth landing gear. In 1997 the company entered the stock market, and in 1999 it was made a holding. In 2001 they finished manufacturing engines and buses, and from 2003 they started to produce special cars for the Hungarian Defence Force. In 2005 the company was made a Plc.


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