​A Thousand Test Users for Soon-to-Launch Budapest Bike Sharing System


Budapest Bike Sharing System MOL BuBi is to be launched soon. BKK Centre for Budapest Transport organized a test period, during which a thousand future users are going to test the new system. The test period started on the 17th July is expected to be finished in 2 weeks.

The software development and the inside testing of Budapest bike sharing system MOL BuBi lasted longer it was expected, but it’s finally over, thus the process can be continued with a new phase: the public testing. BKK Centre for Budapest Transport gathered a thousand testers to try the system that is to be launched in July. The aim of the two-week test period started on the 17th July is to test the bikes, the docking stations and the system itself to detect possible errors that must be fixed before the system launches.

Docking Stations Were Placed at every 300 Meter in the City Center

In the last several months BKK built 76 docking stations at the busiest places of the capital, like in the city center or on Margaret Island; and placed more than a thousand unique green bikes at the stations. Docking stations were placed at every 300-500 meter in the city center. The users of the system will be able to rent three-gear bikes equipped with GPS at the docking stations for half-an-hour periods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Buying a pass a limitless number of half-an-hour rentals are available, the users only have to pay if they use the bikes for a longer time.

The Development Cost More than HUF 1 Billion

To avoid the thefts the docking stations were equipped with safety cameras, and the bikes were designed using parts that can’t be used for any other types of bicycles. The IT solutions of the system that already became successful in several European cities like Barcelona, Paris or Rome were provided by T-Systems Hungary Ltd., and the most important parts of the system were transported by the German Nextbike GmbH. 85 percent of the cost of the more than HUF 1 billion investment was covered by EU sources, and the rest was covered by the self-government of the capital.


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