​5 Things that Make Your Apartment Worth Less


You’ve been trying to sell your apartment for a long time, but you haven’t had any inquiries yet? You may not know what property features are the most important for apartment seekers. According to a phrase 3 things matter: location, location and location; but actually there are 4 important factors beside location. If your apartment doesn’t meet these, it may be worth less.

1. Location: 52.5%
According to the results of a survey made by economic website Pé based on the opinion of 4 renowned financial experts the most important factor is the already mentioned location: a good location can make your apartment worth much more. The qualities of the area also matter: the city center and the green areas are popular.

2. Condition: 17.5%
The condition of the apartment is important, because most apartment seekers don’t have money to renew their new home, and because apartments in good condition are available at a reasonable price.

3. Inner Structure: 12.5%
The inner structure of the apartment also is an important factor when buying an apartment. It’s important if a relatively huge space is divided to several rooms, and if they can be entered to from a corridor not just from each other.

4. Location in the House: 11.25%
The location of the apartment within the house is also important: it matters a lot which floor the flat is on. Apartments on the ground floor and those on the higher floors in houses without an elevator are less in demand.

5. Condition of the House: 6.25%
The last one is the condition of the house, because the future buyers tend to think the condition shows how sophisticated the neighborhood is. If they keep everything in order and the stairways clean, they seem better neighbors.


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