Larger Homes are needed – shows the Hungarian House Market Survey


Hungarians would like to live in 100 sqm homes and the most favoured types are the detached family houses with 3 bedrooms. In reality the average Hungarian homes are 15 sqm smaller than the desired size – showed the representative house market survey of CIB Bank.

Almost everyone longs for a pleasant home

Nine out of ten Hungarians consider it important to feel at home in the house they live in. This compares to a rather small group that is satisfied with the current housing conditions. Only every fifth person would like to live his or her entire life in their present homes. According to the housing market survey findings, 50 percent of those questioned cannot exclude the possibility of finding a better home than they have at present.

Hungarians dream about single family buildings

Although the majority (54 %) lives currently in a detached family house, 27 % lives in a multi-household building and 18 % lives in a prefabricated block of flats, 80 % of those questioned stated the dream home would be a detached family house for them. Even in the number of rooms there are clear differences between dream and reality: nearly 50 % of the respondents live in a home with maximum 2 rooms, although 77 % of them would like to have at least 3 rooms.  100 sqm spaces would be ideal for the majority; however, most of them live in 85 sqm homes.

The costs of affordable housing

The type and the costs of the properties could create grounds also for discontent, 61 % of the participants of the house market survey complained about not having reasonable costs.

Home loans and government subsidies

Forty five % of those questioned by CIB Bank long for bigger homes. Almost half of the respondents who were not satisfied with the type and size of their current home would like to move away if money were no object. It shows that purchasing the ideal home is primarily the question of money. 73 % consider home loan to be a responsible decision, which is a very interesting finding.  It can be seen as a significantly high average as only one fifth of the respondents have already obtained home loans and almost the same amount of people (16 %) have applied for the Family Housing Allowance (CSOK) and (15 %) its predecessor, the former social housing subsidy. The number of home buyers applying for CSOK is expected to become higher than that in 2017, since CIB Bank has noted an increased interest on the part of the claimants.




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