2017's Most Expensive and Cheapest Properties


How does a castle sound on Andrássy Avenue? Or rather a castle away from the noise of the city? You have no big demands, just a little loneliness? No problem! In case we can afford it ... But you do not have to spend billions for a good investment, you just have to see the opportunity. has collected 2017's most expensive and cheapest properties. We are selecting from these now.

The aforementioned castle on Andrássy Avenue is a property of over 18,000 square meters, with excellent condition. True, the owner expects to receive 5.6 billion forints for it. With the current average net salary, however, one would have to work more than 800 years to be able to take this opportunity – which, to be honest, is rather unlikely for many of us.


The second place on the list is taken by a castle in Baranya County .The Baroque style of the Petrovszky Castle in Bükkösd, its 150,000 square meter garden and the 2500 square meter floor area of the building, can mean a real retreat - for anyone who can offer for it 2.5 billion forints.

It is a great pleasure, though, to find that in Hungary we still find castles that have preserved their noble and unparalleled status.

For 2.29 billion forints, a little less than the countryside castle above, we can return to Budapest for a 500-square-meter villa. The property on Svábhegy is also in excellent condition and has fantastic views.

After the castles and villas, however, let's see what the cheapest ads were last year. A family house was offered for sale for 300 thousand forints in Egerfarmos, and for the same price an adobe house in Rácalmás. Unfortunately, in the countryside, these family homes are for pretty much the same price if they are not in a big city, are small and need to be fixed or repaired. 


Finally, we close the line with an exception. The cheapest property of the year is a 30-square-foot house with 2,000 square meters of land. The property is located in Tápióbicske, Pest County, and the owner only asked for 100 thousand forints. It is considerable.





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