11 Things CNN Thinks It’s Worth to Know About Hungary


CNN says Hungary is worth to be considered as a possible travel destination. The news portal mentioned several interesting, funny or surprising facts in an article earlier that need to be known about Hungary, from the Nobel Prize winners to the monuments to visit.

1. The rate of Nobel Prize winners is very high in Hungary: between 1905 and 2004 13 Hungarians got the reward

2. Gulyás (goulash) is not a ragout or a stew-like dish but a soup; and almost every food contains paprika including granny’s cooking and the fanciest restaurants’

3. Hungary is smaller than the American state Indiana

4. Olympic Champions per capita is high as well: the country has 482 Olympic medals, and Hungarian sportsmen are very talented in water polo, kayaking, canoeing, fencing, swimming and gymnastics

5. The largest lake of Central Europe, the 80 kilometer long and 600 square-kilometer large Balaton is located in Hungary

6. There are more than a thousand thermal springs in Hungary; the largest thermal lake is in Hévíz, there are 118 thermal wells in the capital, and the Széchenyi bath is the largest thermal bath of Europe

7. Several inventions are related to Hungary, from the ballpoint pen to Rubik’s cube

8. Hungarians tend to find loopholes, which fact is proven by two common sayings “Hungarians enter through the swing door after you, but go out before you” and “If you lock 3 Hungarians in a room they form 4 parties”

9. Hungarians love red wine, moreover, they have the king of wines, the Tokaji named such by Louis XIV of France

10. Though the famous composer Franz Liszt was born in the now Austria and only spoke German and French and just a little Hungarian, he considered himself a Hungarian. To show their respect Hungarians named their academy of music, their airport and also a street after him

11. Since after the fail of the Hungarian revolution of 1848 the Habsburgs clinked with a beer to celebrate their victory, Hungarians promised not to do so for 150 years; and for some Hungarians these 150 years still haven’t expired


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